Things are Changin'

Things are always changing at When Decades Collide. We are always trying to keep things fresh. Vanessa has branched out and opened a new Etsy shop called Tuesday Rose Vintage. Its a new shop with the same merchandise and more. I am now the sole owner of When Decades Collide. The Etsy shop will stay the same... with new merchandise being posted weekly. 2 shops, same merchandise... what an advantage for our customers!!! Our blog won't be going anywhere. It will reflect our journey with both When Decades Collide and Tuesday Rose Vintage and of course our relationship as sisters. Both shops will be sharing our Facebook page so if you don't follow us already, do so here. Vanessa has taken over our Instagram @tuesdayrosevintage and I have started my own Instagram @whendecadescollide. Make sure you follow both of us on Instagram for shop updates and more. We are so excited for this new journey and as sisters we will always share our love for vintage.



Catching Up with Vanessa on Instagram

Dresses, dresses and more dresses!  These are some of my favorite personal pics posted on Instagram over the past few months. xo V


Inside Our Closet: Taco Tuesday

(On Candice: Dress/Handbag/Bracelet/Necklace: Vintage, Sandals: Salt Water On Vanessa: Dress/Brooch/Handbag: Vintage, Sandals: Salt Water)

On Tuesday, we shut down our computers early (yeah!) and met up down on 2nd street in Long Beach for tacos and margaritas.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and wore two of our favorite dresses.  This pretty much sums up our everyday uniform in the Spring and Summer months.  Vintage cotton dresses and open toe sandals are our favorite. xo 


Inside Our Closet: Countdown to Spring

(On Vanessa- Dress/Clutch/Bangles/Necklace: Vintage, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Shoes: Sam Edelman. On me- Dress/Clutch/Bangles/Necklace: Vintage, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Shoes: Salt Water)

March 20th, marks the first day of spring. Less than a month away, yay! Okay, so the weather here has been averaging 60 to 70 degrees during the day so I'm not complaining. But I feel bad for those of you who live in the midwest and on the east coast. Winter has been just brutal. All those snowy pictures on instagram are making me tired of winter and I don't even live there. Everyone needs to move to So Cal. I seriously couldn't live anywhere else.

Vanessa and I took advantage of the sunny skies this past week and met for lunch at Orange Circle. We bought these two pretty dresses for the shop but couldn't fathom selling them so we decided they are keepers (for now). 

Other than looking forward for spring to hit, I am counting down the days until Elvis (my new puppy) finishes his last set of shots. I can't take him out until then and I also can't leave him for too long in the house by himself or else he will chew on everything. We both have major cabin fever over here!



Shop Update 2..09.14

Lots of new dresses have been added to the store over the last few weeks!  You can find the complete shop update here!

 photo IMG_2195_zps920fb857.jpg photo IMG_2108_zps551eb472.jpg
 photo IMG_2114_zps515bcea1.jpg photo IMG_2087_zpsd948bfce.jpg
 photo IMG_2069_zps137d8846.jpg photo IMG_2204_zpsa29d0c8f.jpg
 photo IMG_2102_zpsf4d8e191.jpg photo IMG_2094_zps8b544a74.jpg
 photo IMG_1893_zps6d37a57f.jpg photo IMG_2122_zps639a9c92.jpg
 photo IMG_2078_zps6904a15d.jpg photo IMG_2186_zpsa52bcf20.jpg
 photo IMG_1775_zps4803a6c6.jpg photo IMG_1924_zps0cc7cc24.jpg
 photo IMG_2136_zps6888438b.jpg photo IMG_2162_zps4e16dfd1.jpg